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Save Big with Bulk Pricing

The only drawback to antler chews - they can be pretty pricey. When you buy in bulk with Basis Pet you can save big. It's a great option for folks with multiple dogs, but single dog owners can take advantage of bulk pricing too! Antler chews have a long shelf life, so stock up. You can also share your order with family or friends.

Natural Made in Vermont Antler Chews for Dogs

A Natural Chew for Dogs

My elk antler dog chews are 100% natural, Made in the USA chews for dogs. They have all the qualities you'd want in the perfect chew toy - long lasting, odor/mess free, hypoallergenic, and packed with beneficial minerals. Selecting a natural chew reduces your dogs exposure to harmful chemicals and dyes that you might find in synthetic or highly processed dog chews. I source from Elk farmed in some of the most pristine parts of Vermont and use only naturally shed antler. Go natural! (Read more about how to find the right chew toy for your dog.)

Get the Best Value with Basis Pet

Antler chews are growing in popularity. There are plenty of places to buy them, both online and in local pet stores. With all these options it's important to find the best value. At Basis Pet, we not only offer bulk order discounts, but also fast, low cost shipping. And size does matter when looking for the best value. Our portions are generous.