Our 100% Natural Antler Chews for small dogs, toy dogs, and puppies bring all the benefits of a healthy dog chew in sizes and shapes that work.  Antler Dog Chews may sound a bit strange at first, but many animals, from rodents to wolves, are known to chew on Antlers in the wild. These natural chew toys are packed with minerals and free of the artificial dyes and chemicals that small dogs can be more susceptible to. You'll also love these Antler Chews as much as your dog does since they have little to no odor (at least to humans), are rather long lasting, and don't leave a greasy mess on the floor like a natural bone will. Think we're over-selling things? That's ok, we love a good skeptic, so shop knowing that we'll happily accept a return if you find the product doesn't live up to our claims.