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Basis Pet Ultra Grip Mini Pet Bowl Mat

Product Highlights:

  • 100% Made in the USA from U.S. sourced, non-toxic, FDA grade silicone rubber
  • Ultra grip surface provides maximum traction for stainless steel pet food bowls
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack recommended) & easy to clean by hand
  • Attractive & functional tear drop design takes up minimal floor space, stores easily, and is a cinch to handle


Our 100% Made in the USA Ultra Grip Mini Pet Bowl Mats are a simple option for pet parents who want to address sliding, clanging, and/or scraping of their pet's bowls. Our mats are made from a very safe, non-toxic, FDA grade silicone rubber and come in an attractive and functional tear-drop shape. Unlike some other rubber mats, you won't notice a strong chemical odor with our mat. We carefully selected our material to ensure that it provides a TON of traction underneath stainless steel pet bowls.

Most pet bowl mats are very large rectangles designed to fit 2 or more bowls. We've decided to go with a single bowl mat design. Admittedly, the oversized, rectangular mats are a better option for those with messy pets that drip lots of water, but they can also be cumbersome overkill for those with pets that don't make much of a mess. Our single bowl mat format takes up minimal floor space, is simple to carry and rinse in the sink, and easily fits in the top rack of a dishwasher for those times when a "deep clean" is warranted.

Speaking of cleaning, the non-slip surface of the mat tends to accumulate dust and pet hair over time. You'll likely need to rinse the mat at least once or twice a week to maintain proper non-slip performance. Washing with soap and water (or in the dishwasher) can be done on an as-needed basis. 

Sizing Info:

We currently provide 2 mat sizes and suggest selecting a mat a bit larger than the maximum diameter of your bowl.

  • Regular size: ~8.5" in diameter / For bowls less than ~7.5" in max diameter (including the Basis Pet cat bowls, small dog bowls, and medium dog bowls). 
  • Large size: ~11.5" in diameter / For bowls less than ~10.5" in max diameter (including the Basis Pet large and extra large dog bowls).

Our Guarantee:

As with all of our products, you're covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the mat doesn't work out the way you hoped, or even if you simply change your mind, just let us know within 30 days of your order and we'll arrange for your free return and full refund - no tricks or gimmicks!

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