Stress-Free Shopping for Pet Supplies

I started Basis Pet for one reason: to offer safe, natural pet supplies online. Every single product I sell is healthy and high-quality.

When my dog developed allergies, I had to shop carefully for his food, toys, and supplies. Suddenly I was spending too much time in the aisles of pet stores poring over product descriptions, trying to find toys, chews, and food that wouldn't make him sick.

Finally it dawned on me: stress-free shopping for your pet shouldn't be so complicated! I decided to find and make the pet supplies I want for my own pet and sell them in an online store.

The Basis Pet Mission

What makes Basis Pet stress-free?

When you shop at my store, you get only the safest, most natural pet supplies. There's no need to research the products I sell. I've done that for you - so you can shop with confidence.

You also get my superior customer attention. I work hard to respond quickly to all inquiries and to treat every customer with honesty, fairness, and respect. I also stand behind every product 100% and have a simple return policy - If you're not thrilled, I'll gladly provide you a full refund and a prepaid shipping return label. I also ship as fast as I can, so you get your order quickly. Nearly 100% of orders arrive within 4 business days with the vast majority arriving in 3 business days or less.

To learn more about safe and healthy pet products and to get discounts and promotions, like Basis Pet on Facebook and sign up for my newsletter. Questions or comments for me? Let me know!

But most of all, browse the Basis Pet store today!