Compatibility with Existing Stands/Holders

If you're interested in using our bowls as replacement bowls for a stand or holder from another manufacturer, please follow these simple steps to assess compatibility prior to purchasing. Returns & exchanges can be very costly, and while we're always happy to accommodate, we also appreciate your efforts to reduce unnecessary returns.

Step 1
Measure the diameter of the opening in your current stand or holder. Don't bother measuring your current bowls. The more accurate and useful measurement is the diameter of the opening in your current stand or holder!
Drawing of a rectangular box with 2 side by side circles that is meant to represent an overhead view of a 2 bowl pet bowl stand. A red arrow represents the diameter measure of one of the bowl openings.

Step 2
Compare your measurement to the chart below. If your measurement doesn't match one of the 4 listed stand opening diameters exactly, then none of our bowls will fit in your existing stand or holder. Our bowls have a small rim, so the measurement needs to match exactly.
 Stand Opening Measurement Compatible Bowl Size
5 1/2" Small Dog Bowl or Cat Bowl
6 1/8" Medium Dog Bowl
7 1/2" Large Dog Bowl
10 1/16" Extra Large Dog Bowl


Unfortunately, there are no standards for bowl sizes in the pet products industry, so odds are low that one of our bowls will fit a stand from another manufacturer. We're very sorry for this, but it's just not possible for us to manufacture bowls that fit all the different stands out on the market.