About Us

Thanks for visiting Basis Pet. I started this business with a single purpose – to deliver awesome, high quality, custom designed products for pets and their owners.

In case you’re at all curious about me, I’m Mike, the owner of Basis Pet. I grew up here in Vermont, surrounded by the Green Mountains, and graduated from college with a degree in Microbiology. (I’ve always been a bit of a science geek.) After college, I spent about a decade in San Diego, working in the Biotech field and enjoying a long break from winters before returning back home to Vermont.

In 2011 I met my best friend and business partner, Ono (pronounced “Oh-No”), a Shiba Inu. As a first-time, single dad, suddenly in charge of ensuring the well being and safety of another life, I did what most do – I had a panic attack.

Once that passed, I did the second thing that most do – I went searching for “the bests”…the best dog food, the best toys, the best treats. My search led me to a few good things, but mostly left me feeling like I could do better. That’s why I started Basis Pet.

If you’ve looked around the site already, you’ve probably noticed a few things.

First, we don’t sell a whole lot of products. We’re small, we’re focused, and we refuse to sell anything we can’t fully stand behind.

Our products are unique. I like things to be done right, and I think it shows in the products we make.

We don’t sell cheap stuff, but we don’t rip you off either. Our products cost a bit more for good reason. We design our products for superior safety and function. We carefully source the best raw materials. We manufacture here in the U.S.

I truly hope you’ll give us a shot.