Workhorse Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls - Use & Care Instructions

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Please wash before first use. It is normal for small amounts of the stainless steel, left over from the polishing process, to come off in the first few washes as well as any time the surface of the stainless steel is abraded. This may cause a light gray coloration on light colored sponges or drying cloths.

Bowls may be washed by hand with regular dish soap or in the dishwasher. It’s best to avoid use of abrasive sponges.

Scratching, especially on the inside of the bowls, as well as things like fingerprints, water marks, and tarnish are to be expected with stainless steel. These types of marks and blemishes are particularly noticeable when stainless steel is new. Many of these blemishes will fade over time as the stainless steel becomes seasoned through regular use and the surface of the stainless steel takes on its own character.

We strongly recommend Bar Keepers Friend cleaning powder to remove stains and tarnish from stainless steel, on an as-needed basis.